Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little Copy Cat

Here is a funny little Adeline story. Tonight I picked up Adeline from her playing.
Mommy: Adeline, it's time to put on your pajamas.
Adeline: Oh, man!
I started laughing. I know she got this from Maylen, because I have heard Maylen say that a few times lately. I'm thinking that Maylen must have gotten that from William. They are such funny little mirrors of their parents! It certainly keeps us on our toes!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Pump It Up

Last Saturday was an exciting day. I took the girls to see "Miss Patty Cake" in the morning. They had a great time seeing her and singing the music. I also bought them a new dvd which they have since watched many times over. Then we met up with William and went to a birthday party for one of the little girls that Maylen goes to Mother's Day Out with. The party was at Pump It Up. It's an all inflatable play-land with fun slides and bouncers. William and I took the girls down the big slides together and that was so much fun for all of us.

Enjoying the Spring

a beautiful day for a picnic

Well not too many exciting things going on around here lately. I've been constantly entertaining, dressing, disciplining, picking up after, caring for, feeding, doing laundry and housework for a family of four! That has kept be the busiest. I have managed to have a little bit of time for sewing and smocking. It has rained a lot lately so when it is nice out I get the girls to go outside and play for a while. They really enjoy being outside. Today I made them a picnic lunch of PB&J sandwiches, fruit salad, and goldfish. They ate on their little picnic table in the back yard. I think it's about 74 F degrees out and the sun is shining. What a great day for a picnic.