Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Cruise to Cozumel

Our Cruise to Cozumel

William and I took a cruise with friends, Javier and Kristen Ruiz. We took the Carnival Fantasy to Progreso and Cozumel on a five night cruise. We all had a amazing time -- it was truly a vacation. We felt so pampered. The food was delicious for sure and so gourmet in presentation. We had a big breakfasts every morning, lunch, and then 4 course dinner every evening! The desserts were so rich and delicious! Shopping in Progreso and Cozumel was lots of fun! We also took a catamaran and snorkeled in the beautiful, clear-turquoise blue waters of Cozumel. It was also nice having lunch in an authentic Mexican cantina off the tourist path. There was non-stop entertainment on the cruise ship, and a fun formal night with cocktail drinks before dinner. We could not have asked for a more fun vacation. We shared lots of laughs with Javie and Kristen. It was nice for William and I to spend time away together just the two of us too. We had such an awesome time but we were glad to come home to the girls too. We missed them!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

On Friday the moms from Mother's Day Out were invited to "Muffins for Mom" with their kiddos. I went and was surprised to get a gift that each of the girls made for me. Adeline made a very special tile with her hand print on it. Maylen gave me a tile with a flower made with her finger prints. She also made me a card with a flower on the front, and on the inside she drew a picture of the two of us. The card said, "I know my mommy loves me because she plays the memory game with me." I was very touched by their gifts. I'm looking forward to hanging the tiles on the wall. Then Maylen's group sang a song to their mommy's. I'll have to get a copy of the song-- it was so sweet that I cried. After the song was over I noticed that several of the moms had also cried. I was a little bit worried that Maylen would think that I was sad (because that is her only understanding of crying) but the teachers prepared them by pretending to cry while they practiced (which they found hilarious). I asked Maylen if she was glad that I cried during her sweet song-- she nodded her head and smiled. It was all such a special way to honor me.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

We Love Accessories!

My little girly-girls love to wear accessories. Maylen especially wants to wear bracelets and necklaces -- even with play clothes. I've had to explain to her that she cannot wear her special gold-heart locket that her Papa gave her for her first birthday when she goes out to play. Thankfully they both got kid-friendly bracelets and necklaces for their birthday from their cousins Jayden and Evie. Here are a couple pictures of them all dressed up. Aren't they two peas in a pod!