Sunday, December 23, 2007

Incredible Night

Saturday night we went with the Pearson side of the family to America's Incredible Pizza Company. Papa (my dad) has been wanting to take everyone since they opened. We have such a big family that we actually got a group rate. I think William's favorite part was the all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, and second was getting to ride a go-kart with Maylen. Apparently MaryElena, Stephanie, and Maylen enjoy speeding since they all got ribbons for winning the go-kart races. Adeline showed her "no-fear" attitude with being the first of the little kids to take off through the inflated obstacle course. One of the funniest things was watching Adeline on the mini-bowling lane. She took no time figuring out that the point of the game is to throw the ball at the pins. She had everyone around her laughing. She got a couple "you go girl" comments from onlookers. I think everyone had a great time.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Sing Choirs of Angels

Maylen had her kinder-music concert tonight with Mother's Day Out. She did a great job singing and keeping up with the choreography. I was proud of her. After the concert she and Adeline headed back up to the stage to give us an encore. Adeline was too cute pretending to sing on the stage just like Big Sissy. It's at moments like these that make my heart so tender for those two!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

For the love of Papa

I took the girls to see Santa the other night. I was a little nervous about how they would do. I had been pointing Santa out while we were in line and telling the girls that Santa would give them candy after they sat on his lap and got their picture made. The first attempt was not so good. Adeline did not want anything to do with Santa. She did want the candy though. So he gave her candy and we stood over to the side waiting to get their picture. The thought occurred to me that often when Adeline sees gray-headed men she says "Papa". She loves her papa and he has gray hair so I started calling Santa, "Papa Santa," and telling her that Papa Santa would give her more candy if she sat on his lap. I guess the positive association worked because she was all smiles while she sat on his lap. The next day I was telling my mother about how we had called him Papa Santa, and Adeline looked at my mom and said "Papa Santa!" We thought that was so funny! She loves her Papa!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tis the Season

Maylen has started talking about what she wants for Christmas this year. In her sweet innocence she told me the other day that what she wants for Christmas is a Christmas tree, lights on the outside of the house, and a baby doll that cries. So in an effort to fulfill some of those Christmas wishes, we went and bought our Christmas tree and have started decorating our house for Christmas. Maylen and Adeline wore their new Christmas dresses today and looked so cute. So it seemed like a good time to start taking some photos. Since Adeline tries to hide anytime I pull out the camera, I had to bribe them with candy to get a few pictures-- and several dozen attempts later-- I called a truce and gave up for the day. Tis the season!

Janovich Family Blog

Here we go. I've finally decided to join the other generation Xers and create a blog. I'm feeling a little more hip already. :) This will hopefully help me stay in touch with friends and journal the super cute things my kids say that I think I will never forget, but do. Our lives are so busy with 2 girls, my business, and William soon to start graduate school!
Speaking of William going to school, this may be one of the ways he'll have to keep up with our family. After going to the orientation dinner with him this past Friday night, I'm getting nervous about how much time he will be spending studying. We heard how the first 9 months of class will leave us missing him. So by next September he may want to read through the blog to see what he's missed. Sad! We'll miss you William. Friends --I'll need play dates and girl's nights out!
Well, I guess this will be a good time to start blogging!