Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sock Hand and Silly Girls

William and I have laughed several times as we have gone in to Adeline's room to get her out of her bed and she has taken her sock off of her foot and put it on her hand. I think she uses it as a glove or something. It has become sort of a habit with her, if she is not wearing her shoes, her sock ends up on her hand. Then she will stroke her face with her sock hand. She is quite a character.

Adeline's vocabulary has been expanding. She has started repeating words and trying to say new words with our prompting. One of the funnest words she says is "meat balls". Mostly because of the way that she says is -- her lips poke way out. I love getting to hear her finally talk. I feel like I am getting to know her personality better.

Yesterday, Maylen, our very verbal child, was sitting at the table eating some fried tortilla strips that William had accidentally over-cooked, and she said, "Daddy, these chips don't taste correct." We cannot help but laugh when she says things that sound so proper.

It is little moments like these that make life so fun and sweet with these kiddos!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Silly Sayings

I had to blog the things that Maylen said so that I won't forget them.

For Christmas I got an exercise dvd and was on the floor working on crunches when Maylen decided to join me. She got right in there and was doing crunches beside me and she looked at me and said, "Mommy, this makes my stomach hurt". I laughed so hard. I know the feeling!

Later that evening, we are all around the table for dinner and Maylen said. "Mommy, for Christmas next year I want a new baby at our house. A new baby brother or sister." William and I looked at each other, surprised at the request. She then went on to say, "I want you to try for that." We tried to cover our snickers, as William asked her how we would try for that. We couldn't help but laugh.


The girls Christmas Eve

Adeline blowing kisses to Deedad

Maylen with her new baby doll

Adeline on her new princess scooter

Sweet sister kisses

The girls with their great-grandmother

Brian, Mary Elena, Ashley, Steven, Mamaw,
Maylen, and Adeline in front of Mamaw's tree--its a Christmas
tradition to take one of these every year at Christmas.

We had a very nice Christmas. We spend Christmas Eve with William's side of the family, Christmas morning at home, and Christmas evening with my side of the family. The girls seemed to really enjoy the loads of gifts that they received. William and I thought it was sweet how excited Maylen was about each gift. Saying "I wanted this" or "I like this!" about each one. We awoke Christmas morning by her coming to my bedside saying, "Santa brought me the baby doll that I wanted". Its sweet how she has grown each Christmas to becoming more aware of the events leading up to Christmas, and anticipating the traditions of the holiday. And though Adeline isn't old enough to anticipate the holiday, it is sweet that she is getting old enough to enjoy playing with Maylen. They both seem to like the same toys and they like each others company while they are playing. I have to say honestly, being a parent and seeing the innocent wonder of your children at Christmas is more precious than the memories of waking up Christmas morning to presents as a child. I feel tremendously thankful to God for the gift of my family, and the gift of His Son, Jesus, who was sent to redeem us from our broken world.