Saturday, June 28, 2008

Picking Bluebabies!

Today we went to Nesbit, Miss. to pick blueberries (or bluebabies as Adeline calls them). The skies were overcast which make it a pleasant day for picking. The girls took the lower parts of the bush and were busy picking and eating blueberries while my mom, dad, grandmother and I picked the harder to reach berries. I think the girls enjoyed it for about 30 minutes and then they got tired of picking and of eating, too. Maylen said, "I don't want to fill up on blueberries." I think she must had eaten quite a few. She said picking blueberries reminded her of Blueberries for Sal, a children's book we have read together. We talked about how the berries made the same "plunk, plunk" sound as they hit the bottom of the pail just like in the book. We came home with 3 gallons of blueberries to divide among us. I'm looking forward to making some yummy desserts and breakfast foods with these delicious berries.

So proud of Adeline

Adeline showing her big surprise!

Yesterday I left the girls at home with William so that I could run a few errands. When I came back home Adeline told me that she had pooped in the potty! What a big girl!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Cousins at the Pool

Jayden (2 1/2), Adeline (2), Maylen (4), and Evie (1)

Cousins splashing in the pool

My grandmother has an indoor climate-controlled pool at her apartment complex. It's nice to take the kids swimming and not have to worry about sunscreen and cold water. The kids had the best time playing in the pool today. I also love the girls' bathing suits that they were wearing. Each side of the suit has a zipped pocket which contains 3 air chambers that you can inflate. As the girls get better at swimming, you start to let air out of the chambers until they can finally swim without the floaties. It certainly makes swim training easier on me!

Potty Time!

Proud moment!

It's funny what you find yourself talking about and getting exciting about as a parent. I would have never expected moments like these to be such a big deal--almost a right of passage. But here I am, a mom, and so excited about these milestones. And then journaling about them. haha

I just bought Adeline a new potty to start working on potty training. I got the potty out of the box last night to give her the opportunity to start trying it out. With Maylen, before I started full-fledge potty training, I got the potty out and let her try it for a while to allow her to get used to it. Maylen was not excited about the idea and acted scared from sitting on the potty. So my expectation were low when I got the potty out for Adeline. But Adeline was very interested in this new potty and wanted to sit on it right away. I let her sit on it and she sat there for the longest time. She wanted to sit there until something happened. Eventually she did go, and she was so pleased with herself. I took her picture and gave her a piece of candy, and we all make a big deal of it. Surprisingly she wanted to sit back down on the potty. A few minutes later she stood up and showed me how she had finished what she started. We were so surprised by all of this. I think it helps that she wants to do what her Sissy does. Hopefully this will make it a little easier on me.

A Day at Pickwick Lake

Ashley, Adeline, Nana, Papa and Maylen in the back of the boat

William with his little girls

Adeline enjoying the speed of the boat

Adeline was having the best time

Mary Elena, Maylen, and Vicki swimming in the muddy lake

We took the girls up to Pickwick Lake on Saturday for a fun day out on the boat. They both seemed nervous when the boat started up, but in no time they were having a blast. They both liked jumping off the back of the boat and swimming in the lake. By the end of the afternoon, Adeline fell asleep in my arms while we were riding in the boat. Maylen has already asked when we can do that again.

Bath Time

One day last week I started running the bath water to give the girls a bath. Adeline loves taking baths, so as soon as she heard the water running she ran down the hall toward the bathroom saying "bath, bath, bath". I was busy putting away laundry, but when I went back into the bathroom this is what I found.

Adeline, fully dress, sandals and all in the bathtub filling up a cup of water from the spout.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Little Sneaky Adeline

Tonight I was busy making dinner and Adeline pushed her chair up to the stove and was "helping" me stir. Eventually I had 3 pots going at once and I was afraid she was going to get burned so I told her to go play until I had dinner ready. She drug her chair across the floor and in seconds while I had my back turned this is what she did.

She had dumped about 75% of the coffee creamer upside down on the counter and was playing in it and eating it.

Then Maylen came it to help clean it up.

She had a few tastes while she was at it too. Apparently coffee creamer is tasty.