Monday, August 24, 2009

August - Maylen starts school

It is so hard for me to believe that Maylen is old enough for Kindergarten! It still catches me by surprise. I know she is academically ready, but it just flew by so fast. We enrolled her into Harding Academy, a Christian school that seems to be a great academic fit for her. I think she'll do great this year, and she'll be provided with lots of venues to grow- mentally, spiritually, physically. Harding has required uniforms and Maylen is very excited about these uniforms. I'm glad in a way for them too. I have feared that once she was around other kids, she may be influenced as to what she would want to wear. So far, she has been excited every night about putting out the uniform that she will wear the next day. And she was especially excited that Kit could have a matching uniform, too!

Maylen had her "Meet the Teacher" night, and she got to tour her classroom. The night before school started we had a special dinner for her. My sister helped Maylen make a special school cake, I decorated the table in Harding colors, and "going to school" books. I hope to make this a tradition in our family.

Maylen's first day of school

Maylen and "Miss" Tracy

Maylen with Tessa, her friend from Mother's Day Out

William took Maylen to school on Friday, since he had the day off. She was excited that her daddy was taking her to school.

Maylen really likes her new backpack that I monogrammed for her. She's even got a lunch bag to match.

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